We enable solutions to those real-world problems best addressed by performance blockchains.

We invest in those who:

  1. Build components of the “whole product” ecosystem;
  2. Educate and evangelize the RChain Platform as the high-performant, open-source project available to all;
  3. Develop blockchain-based solutions for real-world problems; or are
  4. Provide third-party solutions or professional services critical to the growth of the blockchain.


We are guided by our fundamental principles:

Deliver Early

  • Focus on what can be delivered in six, twelve or eighteen months.
  • Put foundational elements before long term speculative opportunities.
  • Focus on RCHAIN as the best current available platform

Build a Strong and Open Team Culture

  • Invite, include, inform and inspire partners, startups, customers and teammates.
  • Promote fairness, transparency and openness.

Create Sustainable Advantages

  • Maintain a priority on our team over investment opportunities.
  • Select investors and limited partners for their “quality of self” and the quality of their relationships, rather than just their ability to provide funds.