We Invest in Those Who

  1. Build components of the “whole product” ecosystem
  2. Educate and evangelize the RChain blockchain as the high performance, open-source platform that is available to everyone
  3. Develop blockchain-based solutions for real-world problems
  4. Provide third-party solutions or professional services critical to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem

We Are Guided by Our Fundamental Principles

Delivering Early
  1. Focusing on what can be delivered in six, twelve or eighteen months
  2. Putting foundational elements before long term speculative opportunities
  3. Focusing on RChain as the best currently available platform
Building a Strong and Open Team Culture
  1. Inviting, including, informing, and inspiring partners, startups, customers and teammates
  2. Promoting fairness, transparency, and honesty
Creating Sustainable Advantages
  1. Prioritizing our team over investment opportunities
  2. Selecting investors and limited partners for their “quality of self” and quality of their relationships, rather than just their ability to provide funds