Pithia Catena Funds and Investor Services

Catena Funds
Catena Funds are our vehicle for investments. Details of the funds are available directly to investment partners. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Investor Services
Pithia provides a full suite of services to our investors, including our analysis of the overall market, due diligence and other financial and business services, as well as speaking engagements at events.

These services are generally only available directly to Pithia investment and business partners as well as our portfolio companies. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


Meet our portfolio companies:


LifeID bringing identity into the modern era with an open-source, blockchain-based identity platform that creates real-world solutions to enable user-controlled and managed identity. Imagine accessing your entire digital world with just a smartphone and the lifeID app. No more remembering different usernames and passwords — just a streamlined, single sign-on experience. The platform can also replace cards and key fobs for access management as well as real-world identifiers such as drivers’ licenses, gym memberships or even diplomas issued by a university.

LifeID and Pithia developed this partnership to provide RChain with one of the missing links for a secure blockchain: unified, user-controlled identity. Our investment and strategic partnership ensures RChain will have a market-ready, scalable identity layer at launch.


DigitalTown is a pioneer in the use of smart city technology and decentralized applications for cities. They’re also the first public company (OTC: DGTW) to fully adopt blockchain and commit to RChain. The company provides a web and mobile application that empowers residents, visitors, merchants, and municipalities to work together to create thriving sovereign local communities. This partnership brings fundamental services via blockchain to consumers in everyday businesses such as restaurant, hotels and other services. 

We are focused on investing in the underpinnings of the blockchain 3.0 ecosystem and supporting impactful, real-world use cases for RChain. Nothing is more foundational than the cities we live in and how we interact with one another!

Trusted Key

Founded by former executives from Microsoft, Oracle and Symantec, Trusted Key is an enterprise digital identity solution that leverages blockchain technology to provide the foundation of digital trust. Highly-regulated enterprises want to bring their customer experience online, but have significant drop-off rates during enrollment due to the cumbersome identity validation process. The Trusted Key platform helps organizations accelerate online customer acquisition by onboarding new users quickly and easily with a verified identity, provide users with a secure and convenient password-less login, and protect users’ accounts from fraudulent transactions.  

Together with RChain, Trusted Key’s identity platform will offer organizations a customizable infrastructure that prevents identity fraud, improves security, and enhances their consumers’ experiences, while still meeting business and regulatory requirements.